Job Duties:

Build and optimize data mining models using different statistical and machine learning techniques to high dimensional data sets.

Work with R, SAS and Python programming languages to innovate and improve regression models including but not limited to Logistic regression, multi-variate regression, Decision trees and Support Vector Machines.

Perform time series analysis and forecasting models including but not limited to ARIMA, SARIMA, exponential, double exponential smoothing, linear Holt, and Holt-winter predictive models.

Use query languages such as SQL for MySQL and Netezza database.

Work with Amazon Web Servers, Virtual Desktop, and remote desktops for data analysis and model development purpose. Perform data visualization using Tableau, Cognos, MS Excel, Flowchart and Minitab.

Utilize Trello and JIRA/Confluence, Asana and Gantt Project as Project Management tools to plan, monitor, and track project status and document projects.

Validate data for model building, research, analysis, software development and implementation of product development.

Use Six Sigma methodology to Identify data error and provide solution to eradicate any pertaining issues.

Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.

Acquire data from different sources including but not limited to SQL database, Netezza and convert into structured format that is relevant for building analytic systems.

Use statistical concepts and statistical testing such as ANOVA analysis, Pearson’s chi-squared test for goodness of fit, regression analysis, correlation analysis, P, Z and T testing, and higher level math to analyze, validate, improve and optimize different research models.

Evaluate trading systems, metrics calculation, report generation using Portfolio Builder and other in house built software’s.

Use machine learning algorithm for high frequency trading by using trading securities and market behavior prediction, pattern recognition and sentiment analysis.

Develop, prototype and test predictive algorithms. Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.

Please mail resume and cover letter to:

327 Martel Ln
Coppell, TX 75019