We Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Create Financial Solutions that Transform the Way You Make and Keep Money
There’s a difference between guessing and knowing
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Helping You Profit in the New World

In today’s markets, there are more competitors and distractions than ever before; markets are constantly changing – and so are we.

High-Speed Research

Our team leverages adaptive A.I., proprietary data sources and machine learning to find you hidden opportunities – faster.

Statistical Analysis

Our innovation is driven by passionate curiosity and founded in sound statistical analysis. This ensures that what we see in testing is what you get in live trading.

Constantly Evolving Technologies

Our architecture is scaled and engineered to succeed today and adapt for tomorrow. We create and invest in new technologies to ensure longevity.

The Capitalogix Advantage

Our philosophy is that no edge lasts. While nothing works all the time, there is always something working. The key is to identify and capitalize on it faster.

We create rule-based algorithms that remove human fear, greed and discretionary mistakes from the equation to help you find an edge in a constantly changing landscape.

  • Know Faster.
  • Act Faster.
  • Profit More.
Who We Are


Capitalogix fosters a collaborative environment to solve new, exciting and complex problems. Our success relies on teamwork and a great culture to encourage growth and innovation.

Our Team