Financial Products

Financial Products

More Ways to Win

Today’s investors have access to endless amounts of data, but data only adds value if you have the skills and resources to organize, analyze and structure that data into useful information.

We use a cunning mix of high-frequency research and high-frequency asset allocation.

Whereas high-frequency trading focuses on using technology to make thousands of transactions in short periods of time, we perform millions of observations and only act on the opportunities determined most likely to have an edge.

Our Investment Philosophy

The foundation of our investment philosophy is the marriage of high-level data science with cutting-edge technology, unique insights and adaptive artificial intelligence. We develop intelligent investment systems that evolve as financial markets, and the world around us, change. Our decisions are driven by the empirical analysis of data and rigorously tested models, rather than instinct or intuition.

Our investment approach seeks to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns through any market condition while retaining a clear focus on the preservation of capital.

Our Process

It all starts with data. We gather and clean vast datasets ranging from financial data to alternative data sources to our own proprietary data. Using various forms of modeling and machine learning techniques, we create models that form the basis of our investment systems.

Alpha by Avoidance™

Our platform leverages a process we call Alpha by Avoidance™. While performance is always a priority, we apply risk management at the market, technique and portfolio levels.


Capitalogix fosters a collaborative environment to solve new, exciting and complex problems. Our success relies on teamwork and a great culture to encourage growth and innovation.

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