Why Capitalogix?

Why Capitalogix?

Our Recipe: Know Faster, Act Faster, Profit More

Today’s investors have access to more data than ever before, but as you know, finding an edge hasn’t gotten easier — data only adds value if you have the skills and resources to analyze, organize, and structure that data into useful information. In the past, you likely relied on gut instinct, personal research, and obsessive attention to CNBC and stock tickers … and that was enough. Read More…

More data was created in the past two years than in all of human history. More data should mean more ways to win, but we can only handle so much data before we get overwhelmed. The reality is finding an edge over the competition is actually harder than ever … deciding what’s signal from noise seems impossible. So why try? Capitalogix builds financial technologies and trading systems for hedge funds and institutional investors. We have developed thousands of highly profitable trading systems using fully automated testing, analysis, and trading. Capitalogix eliminates guesswork by having the ability to identify and trade what’s working in real-time.

Although, we currently focus on the futures market, Capitalogix’s approach works for all markets – securities, bonds, etc. We monitor hundreds of thousands of different trading techniques on various asset classes and tradable instruments, including: equity indices, currencies, commodities, and metals. Rather than picking a static portfolio and hoping that the markets behave, we identify what is working in real-time, and respond intelligently to engineer a portfolio response that profits from current market conditions, while still conforming to the specified risk and trading plan profile.


Our platform is the culmination of years of development, and advancement in the fields of A.I. and machine learning. We’ve spent years building the technological infrastructure and research methodology to take advantage of the rapid innovations in computing and A.I.

Insight Engine

Our Technology … Your Fund

  • Creates Custom-Tailored Portfolios
  • Broadens and Speeds Up Research
  • “Black Box” Transparency


The Power Behind Your Portfolios

  • Back-end Order Management
  • Real-Time Broker Execution
  • Comprehensive Risk Management


Your Personal Scoreboard

  • Real-Time Performance Reporting
  • Position Tracking
  • Risk Analysis


While Capitalogix creates financial technology platforms, Capitalogix is not a trading company, and that lets us see what many others in the industry don’t. Only 15% of our current employees have financial backgrounds. That means we follow the principles of technology and innovation just as much as we follow the principles of investment management.

We’re always researching and developing new ideas to make real. While many companies have sales funnels, Capitalogix has innovation funnels. Our goal is to change the way the world views trading … and this is only the beginning.

The Capitalogix Advantage

Our philosophy is that no edge lasts. While nothing works all the time, there is always something working. The key is to identify and capitalize on it faster.

We create rule-based algorithms that remove human fear, greed and discretionary mistakes from the equation to help you find an edge in a constantly changing landscape.

  • Know Faster.
  • Act Faster.
  • Profit More.
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