Is You Is ... Or Is You Ain't, My Baby?

During the weekend, I visited an art fair in downtown Fort Worth.  While walking through the exhibits, I came upon the performance stage and stopped to listen to a jazz and swing band play.  One of the songs stuck in my head.  It was originally done by Louis Jordan, and it is called  "Is You Is … Or Is You Ain’t?"

While thinking about how the Markets are at a crossroads, I hear the lyrics ask:

Is you is … or is you ain’t, my baby?
The way you’re acting lately makes me doubt …

When I got home, I kept singing the song.  A quick search found various versions, including this one.  From the Tom & Jerry cartoon.  Very nicely done.

That brought back memories of old TV Shows: Mister Ed, Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Speed Racer, etc.  Well, I found a site that has over 5,000 TV tunes.  Click here to visit Television Tunes and bring back some memories.

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