What is Your Intention?

Fear, greed and hope comprise the Bermuda Triangle of trading. Many dreams were battered or lost because of them.

In trading, my goal is to make and keep money, consistently. It isn’t to be right, or clever, or even creative. Reducing human bias and error are benefits of using automated trading systems; and ultimately that helps us intelligently respond to the markets.

How does that apply to life?

Oh, a small question …

A friend of mine called me this week to share a thought. He said that he was trying to stop simply responding automatically to situations. Instead, he was going to consciously focus on his "intention" before responding.

Imagine how different the world would occur to you if you brought "intention" into focus instead of mindlessly surrendering to your first feelings and actions.

My first reaction often is to ask "what is the best next step?" Perhaps you do something similar? On many levels that is a resourceful question. Yet, what would happen if, instead, you brought your intention into focus and asked what role you could play to best support that intention?

Your role directly affects the options you perceive.

Let me know how that works for you.

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