Muppets Try Viral Marketing

Last week I wrote about Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, and his quest for “shining eyes”.

This week it is the Muppets, and their “Ode to Joy”.  Frankly, in this market, I’ll take a little joy anywhere I can find it.

I’m posting it because it made me smile.  Hope it does the same for you..  

Now, for the rest of the story …

My son tells he read rumor that the Forgetting Sarah Marshall team is working on a back-to-basics Muppets movie.

A whole series of new videos have been posted on YouTube in the last weeks from some suspicious pseudonyms (meepmeepmeepow, deumnborkborkbork, weirdowhatever, patrioticeagle).  All are clearly new videos of the Muppets singing along to songs.

I was amused. Here are a few more Muppet musical interludes to keep you busy.
Classical Chicken
Stars & Stripes FOREVER!

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  1. Beaker’s Ode to Joy’s pretty good! Haha! You should add the Muppets version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s pretty cool too. Kermit isn’t in the song but he does get to have his moment at the end of the vid.

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