Weekly Commentary through July 18th 2008

This was a very
interesting week.  Tuesday saw the markets hitting new lows at levels
we first saw in 1998.  Investors Intelligence says bearish sentiment is
now higher than it has been since then too.

Batman opened this week, just in time to see the warning signs over Gotham.
The SEC intervened
by prohibiting “naked short” positions against certain financial sector

And apparently, Bernanke and Paulson had fun talking with

080718 Bernanke Speech WordCloud 600p
On a lighter note, here is a clip from “The Daily Show”.  President Bush and Fed Chairman Bernanke both spoke at the same time.  John Stewart used this to highlight the similarity (OK, the differences) in their talking points.  It was pretty funny.

Here are a few of the news items and blog posts I found interesting this week:

And, a little bit extra:

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