Market Commentary from August 1, 2008

Three out of the four trading days this week experienced 200-point daily moves in the Dow.  Some were up, some were down.  Still the recent low has held.

The following picture shows charts of the S&P 500 Index on two timeframes: daily and 5-minute bars.

080801 ES on 2 Timeframes
There are clearly a series of higher lows (on both charts).  Nonetheless, the market has been fragile lately.  A move up from here would be a big confidence booster.

Here are a few of the posts I found interesting this week:

  • Hulbert Says The Stars Have Yet to Align to End the Bear Market (NYTimes)
  • Big Mac Index: currencies are expensive in Europe, cheap in Asia (The Economist)
  • Real Estate is down; so flip a website instead (NYTimes)

And, a little bit extra:

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