080815 Phelps 250
Watching the Olympics
has been an uplifting reminder for me.  The sport of it is fun to
watch.  Yet, the deeper story is even better.

For example,
Michael Phelps was expected to break Mark Spitz's record in Athens
four-years ago.  While he was dominating, it just didn't happen, then. 

Can you imagine setting world records, winning gold medals, and still feeling like you came up short?

Can you imagine how many times he replayed the missing hundredths of a second that separated him from his dream?
So how did he do it this time?

the great ones are resilient and durable in distressing situations. 
They adapt and cope; and ultimately gain strength from adversity —
often converting it into a gift.  They find a way to transform what
seemed like setbacks into the fuel they need to get to the next level.

said "that which does not kill me, makes me stronger."  And that
statement applies to trading and funds management as well.   Trading
often seems like it is not fair – and that can be very good for us. 

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