Tough Week?

Last week I wrote that trading is often stressful; and learning how to handle the emotional and physiological response patterns is an important step toward long-term success.

This week the markets were at their manic-depressive best, which can be tough for traders.  Investors were like hyperactive first graders playing musical chairs.

Here are some funny videos of how some people handle their tough week.

The first video shows a man beating his computer.  There is something primal about it that makes it memorable.  I saw this many years ago.  Yet I find myself thinking about this one from time-to-time.  So, I put it first.

Here is the direct link.

I saw this one on on the Huffington Post.  It has a lot going on; way too much to describe.  It is more fun to just watch, anyway.

Here is the direct link.

Finally, this one shows a man in a coffee shop freaking-out after his computer hangs, apparently he has a presentation to give in ten-minutes, so getting arrested seemed like a good idea.

Here is the direct link.  (Hat-Tip to Gelflog)

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