Hope Is Only The First Step.

090123 HMG Innovate Poster
It doesn't matter whether you liked or supported Obama during the campaign. Something changed, and the effects will be felt around the world.

That isn't a political statement.  It is a call for action and an alert to the opportunities and possibilities ahead.

Watching the Inauguration I knew, deep in my body, that I was watching (and a part of) something historic.

Just because the change hasn't yet flowed through to something you're looking at, doesn't mean that the change hasn't already occurred.  So, simply looking around, you might not notice that anything changed (for
example, the market continued to go down on Inauguration day). Make no mistake,
though, things Changed.

Hope Is Only The First Step.

In business (and certainly in trading) hope is not a great strategy; so it's ironic that it's what we need most right now.

Hope creates confidence, and confidence breeds action. 

Sitting around waiting for governments to fix what's wrong is a recipe for disaster.  Gandhi said "Be the change you seek in the world." It's never been more true than now.

This is not the time to wait for others to fix everything and clean up the mess.  This is a time for action.  This is a time to be open to possibility.

I'm excited!  Periods like this are ripe with opportunity. And it brings to mind something my father told me a long time ago.  The difference between good and great is infinitesimal.  People who are good take advantage of opportunity, while people who are great create opportunity.

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