The Year in Pictures

Browse through some of the best pictures from 2008.  A picture is worth a thousand words; some that come to mind are beautiful, shocking, and surprising …

Electric Storm 600p

It took me way too long to put this list together.  Why?  Because I started browsing and enjoying myself.  Hope you do too.

Here are some Best Photos-of-the-Year sites worth looking at as we close out 2008.

Here are some that are just for fun.Weird 150p

  • A collection of "weird" people (Chive)
  • A collection of "funny kid" pics (Chive)
  • A collection of "perfectly timed" photos (Chive)

Here are some others that are from "artier" sources.

In 2008, many traders felt "over their heads" …

Trader Over His Head

It was scary for much of the year …

Markets Fall

Still, here is what I'll leave you with … Winter always comes before Spring.

Tree of Dreams

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

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