The Anxiety Antitidote

090227 Pigs at Trough

"When the trough gets smaller … the pigs get meaner."

     – Dan Sullivan

Likewise, in uncertain times, it is natural for people to worry that there will be less for them. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

All We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.  I keep talking about market psychology and human nature. The reason is that markets are really a reflection of the collective fear and greed of its participants. And people tend to get paralyzed during scary times like these.

But it's not the economy that makes people feel paralyzed.
People feel paralyzed because of their reactions and their beliefs
about the economy.

A little examination reveals that most fear is based on a "general" rather than a "specific" trigger. In other words people are afraid of all the things that could happen and are paralyzed by the sheer scope of possibilities. These things don't even have to be probabilities in order to scare them.

Your Antidote to Anxiety.  You gain a competitive advantage as soon as you recognize that it's
simply human nature when you "make things up" to scare yourself.  Why? 
Because as soon as you distinguish that fear is just an automatic
response and not necessarily "true", you can re-use your energy and
insights to focus on things that move you forward.

It's easy to be a lot more resourceful by simply dealing with the specific items, and coming up with a plan to deal with them or transform them into opportunities.

Even a tough environment, like this, presents you with opportunities if you watch for them … or even better, if you create them.

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