Visualizing Walmart's Growth

Chances are this will give you a different perspective on their impressive land-grab and expansion.

There are three simple reasons I'm looking at Walmart.  Tough economic times have Americans looking to save money.  Proximity is power.  And that means most Americans don't have to look far to find a Walmart.  So I'll be watching how they do.

Data visualization is an important tool in trading.  Sometimes work skills carry-over into personal life.  Watching stuff like this interests me.  Not sure if that means my hobby is part of my work, or if work is part of my hobby.

Click the image below to watch Walmart's Growth.

080815 Walmart's Growth Map

Click here to check-out FlowingData.  I've found several interesting posts on that site.

Also, here is more info about Walmart from FinViz and StockTwits.

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