Clusters of Thoughts

It surprises me how many of
my thoughts cluster on a particular theme for a period of time. I guess it makes sense because I think and write about things
I notice that catch my interest.  And as my focus changes from time to time,
what interests me changes.  It is kind of like not being able to get a song out of your head … only it's about what you focus on.

090614 Tony RobbinsI heard a good explanation for this at a Tony Robbins seminar this week.

has an exercise where you open your eyes and look around the room,
paying attention to anything that has a bright green color to it.

Try it, look around the room noticing everything you can remember that has green in or on it.

close your eyes, and without looking around again, try to remember
anything that was red.  You probably can remember a lot more green
things, than red things.

Tony calls this "reticular activation".
But it's just a fancy name for the same reason that if you buy a white
Lexus, all of a sudden you see white Lexus cars everywhere you go. The
things you focus-on show up more often in your life simply because you
notice them more often.

If you're curious, this week, the theme that I'm noticing in my personal, professional and business life is time, speed and pace. Here's a link to that post.

  1. Interesting observations that certainly ring true. Curiously, those who believe in the theory of abundance would say that HOW you think about things determines what actually comes into your life and therefore what you see. They’d say that if you think about money in the wrong way, for example if you long for it as opposed to be thankful for whatever money you have in your life, that you could find yourself with even less. I guess that would be an example of inverted reticular activation. 🙂

  2. Mr. health nut Tony Robbins looks pretty porky in that picture. Double chin, flab in the middle. Not exactly walking the walk is he?

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