Here's a Movie Worth Seeing

What do you do when your wife and kids are out of town, and you find yourself alone?

Besides catching-up on projects that I somehow avoided until now, I like to watch movies.

TiVo now links to Netflix,
and provides an instant viewing option. Upon opening that folder on the DVR, I saw a
bunch of things I normally wouldn't choose to watch on my own. One of them
was a movie called Saint Ralph.  And I chose to watch it anyway.

My Dad had an "interesting" belief. He didn't watch scary or negative movies, because he felt that life was enough of a challenge on its own … and it was better to find things that raised our spirits. Well, I inherited that from him.

Don't get me wrong, I still I love drama and thrillers. But in the absence of compelling circumstances, I tend to prefer positive stories.

090711 Saint Ralph Movie Poster So a plot about a down-on-his luck Catholic High School student whose father is dead and whose mother is in a coma, doesn't sound like my type of movie. 

But Saint Ralph was my type of movie.  It made me think and I enjoyed it.  The movie was lighter, funnier, and better than I expected.

On one level, it's a coming-of-age story about perseverance and faith through uncertain times. On another level, it's a well-written comedy about a quirky 14-year-old boy who gets it in his head that the only way to
save his mother is through a miracle (and the miracle he thinks will
save her … is for him to win the Boston Marathon).

It is a movie that asks, if you're going to dream for something, why not dream for miracles?

Hope you enjoy it.

Here's a link to the trailer for Saint Ralph

Here's a link to find it at Netflix.

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