A Water Drop Filmed in Ultra-Slow-Motion, at 2000 Frames-per-Second.

What looks "normal" in real-time, is something quite different when you have the means to perceive it. 

Very cool stuff.  See for yourself.

Here is a video showing a water-drop in ultra-slow-motion (2,000 frames per second). It is from the Discovery Channel's series 'Time Warp', where MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman and digital-imaging expert Matt Kearney use the latest in high-speed photography to turn never-before-seen wonders into an experience of beauty and learning.

What it Means.

Wisdom comes from finer distinctions. 

Think about how being able to make more distinctions per unit time is changing the world. 

It is changing everything … from auto-landing airplanes, your car's thermostat or cruise control, to Goldman Sach's recent trading record from high-frequency trading.

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