Capitalogix Commentary 01/10/10

Now that the New Year is here, everyone has to get back to work.

100110 New Year's Resolutions Cartoon

What About the Markets?

The rally continues.  While volume hasn't been that impressive, price continues higher.

After taking a break, the Financial Sector has picked-up some relative strength and is leading the market higher.

100109 Financial Sector Showing Good Relative Strength

Unemployment Still Factors Into the Equation.

The jobs number came in worse than expected, with continued cuts and unemployment still above 10%.  Yet, the market reacted better than I expected to that news.

100109 Current Economic Signs Cartoon

Joking aside, here is an interactive graphic to dive a little deeper into these numbers.  Click on the picture to change the settings yourself.

091220 Interactive Jobless Rate Visualization

Efficient Market Hypothesis: The Meltdown’s Biggest Casualty

Here is a video from BigThink about whether the market is as efficient as some economic theory paints it to be.  Alan Greenspan said he was shocked "that market players turned out not to be able to take care of their own interests."  Perhaps the takeaway of the recent crisis is that individual players (pursuing individual interests), collectively, will not always create an outcome which is good for the collective (or even for those individual players). Consequently, Chrystia Freeland, U.S. Managing Editor of the Financial Times, argues that the Markets needs someone or something to protect the collective interests and outcome.

Now for something a little lighter …

Here is a Preview of Next Year's Review.

100109 Chappatte 2010 Review Preview

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Lighter Ideas and Fun Links that I Found Interesting This Week

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