The Illusion of Focus and Meaning

Recently, the concept of "Focus" keeps coming to mind when I try to
make sense of what's happening in the markets.

As I review
stories, news, and data, I'm trying to be more aware of where the bias
is (even if it is unintentional).

Bias and Perspective.

The photo series, below, is an
example of how our perception can be easily shaped.  The far left
version looks violent.  The far right version looks compassionate.  It
could be both (or neither).

Example of How Focus Changes Meaning

of us perceives the world through our own filters.  It is as if we're
producing a film (which could be edited into a comedy, drama, or
thriller … based on what we focus on, highlight, or ignore). Except
that we often don't know it's just a film, edited by an amateur …
Instead, we
perceive it as truth because it is what we perceive.

The point is
that perspective matters.

  1. I really agree. There are ways to deceive the naked eye on how you draw their attention and make them think of possible ideas regarding what are you showing.

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