Helping Haiti Videos - Everybody Hurts and We Are the World 25

Here are two videos worth watching, in part for the music … and in part for their larger purpose.  They were made to draw attention and raise funds to support humanitarian
efforts in Haiti.

The first is a remake of the R.E.M. classic,
“Everybody Hurts”.  Simon Cowell-produced it; and it is very well done.

Here is the link if you want to watch the Making of Helping Haiti – Everybody Hurts documentary.  And here is the link to read the story behind the video.  And, here is a longer version.

The second is a re-make of We Are the World.  Quincy Jones is at again, with a different list of stars and a different cause.  Here is the video.

And here are links to the We Are the World website. and the story behind the re-make.

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