Reminiscences of a Retreat

I just got back from a weekend retreat with a group of entrepreneurs.

It consistently surprises me how valuable it is to take time to get away from your daily routines, in order to focus on the bigger picture.

Part of the benefit is simply taking the time to do it.  Another part is listening to others, and hearing a fresh perspective.

100409 Retreat Rock Band Activity

Having fun helps too. 

Guitar Hero

I've watched my kids play Guitar Hero and Rock Band on their gaming systems; however, it was quite a different experience watching a bunch of middle-aged children play it at the retreat.

I was particularly embarrassed that I knew so few of the songs.  And when I tried participating … I reminded myself more of my father, than of a rock-star. 

Yet, for what it's worth, it turned out to be a great group activity to loosen-folks-up at the retreat.

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