Watch as Texas Stadium Implodes

Whether you love or hate the Dallas Cowboys, you might enjoy watching the demolition of Texas Stadium.  It was vacated when the Cowboys moved to their new $1.2 billion plus home last year.

Texas Stadium was built in 1971 at a cost of $35 million.  The implosion cost $6 million.

100411 Texas Stadium - Implosion

What's Next for that Land?

The Texas Department of Transportation is paying $16 million to rent the space, for 84 months, as a staging zone for construction projects.

Here Are Some Videos.

Here is a video from the outside.

Here is a 360° immersion video of the explosion. You can click and drag to see different perspectives of how it happened, from inside the Stadium.

100423 Texas Stadium Demolition Immersion Video

Helmet 1967-present

Other Resources.

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