Iron Man 2 is Good Mindless Fun

100508 Iron Man 2 Image Have you seen it yet?  It is certainly generating some "buzz" and box-office traffic.

My recommendation: let go of your expectations and simply enjoy the

Even Freud has to agree, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar … and sometimes, a movie is just a movie.

Iron Man 2 was a fun and action-packed movie that I'm glad I watched on a big screen.

Does It Live-Up to Its Hype?

Before its release, there were a number of very negative reviews and predictions that it would be "unwatchable". Nonetheless, audiences are watching and, according to Rotten Tomatoes, enjoying the movie.

I had fun seeing it with my son this weekend. It was good enough in virtually every way.

The story held together well enough that I didn't think much about the plot (not that there was much of a plot to think about).

The graphics didn't "wow" me, the way that Avatar's did; but they were good enough that I didn't think about them (even though many of the special effects had to have been computer-generated). 

Here is a Trailer so you can see it for yourself.

Here are more videos.

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