The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Bill Gates recently predicted that the Internet would be a better source of education than any single university

The video in this post is an example of how good Internet content is getting.  Watch the "Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" from Dan Pink. It is very well done.

Don't let the cartoons fool you; you can learn a lot in a little over 10 minutes. I really like the visualization technique (of drawing what is spoken); it is surprisingly effective.



This video comes from RSA.  You can find other videos like this one at their website.

Is Money the Best Way to Motivate Performance?

In today's business environment, is it optimal to entice people with a sweeter carrot, or threaten them with a sharper stick?

100812 Drive Book by Dan Pink In his book, Drive, Pink calls for a different approach … one that is built much more around intrinsic motivation. Around the desire to do things because they matter, because we like it, because they're interesting, because they are part of something important.  The new operating system for our businesses should revolve around three elements: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

In other words, the main point is that when someone is already intrinsically motivated, applying extrinsic motivation (in the form of reward for good behavior or punishment for bad behavior) is self-defeating because it detracts from the intrinsic motivation, which is a much more powerful force.

If you like this, then click here to see his TedTalk video too.

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