Switching to Natural Spectrum Lighting Makes a Difference You Can See & Feel

They say memory is the second thing to go, as you get older … but I forget the first.

100901 Verilux CFS 23W Bulb However, based on how hard it is getting for me to see at night  (and the fact that I now have little flashlights stashed all over the place), my guess is that eyesight is the first thing to go.

It turns out that my vision wasn't as bad as I thought it was; but my choice of lighting was worse than I realized.

In an attempt to be environmentally conscious and have light bulbs that supposedly last longer, I started purchasing these strange curly fluorescent bulbs. My mind told me that they were fine, but my experience proved otherwise.

Recently, I switched to the natural spectrum bulbs from Verilux, and it's like somebody finally turned the light on. Externally, they may look the same, but they make a big difference. I can read again, my eyes don't hurt at the end of the day, and that strange tint on photos or web-cam videos is replaced with a much more natural palette of colors.

100901 Natural Spectrum Light is Better
Apparently, there's a lot of science behind this; but it only took flipping the switch for me to know that it makes a big difference.

Coincidentally, I'm reading a book by Temple Grandin, an autistic woman with insights into how natural surroundings either calm or disturb animals and humans. According to her book, it turns out that one of the primary anxiety triggers is fluorescent lighting and its incessant flickering.

100901 Verilux_Logo We spend so much time thinking about what we put in our bodies (like organic foods or vitamins), but to feel healthy we also should think about what we surround our body with … and a full natural spectrum of light is a good start.

Here's a link to the website where I found natural lighting. Hope that helps.

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  1. That is a huge difference and I must go with the natural one, I think it’s better than the conventional. Anyway, great article. It’s really informative and mostly about the important topics. Thanks for the info!

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