Another Cool Change Blindness Video: The Color Changing Card Trick

This video shows how narrow your focus can be.  You'll have some fun, and what is revealed at the end is surprising. So pay attention as you watch the video. See what you notice.


It was done by pychologist, magician, and author Prof Richard Wiseman. Click here for background information about this video and the psychology behind it.

Professor Wiseman has more videos here.

In part 1 of this post, we examined Change Blindness and how we can miss incredibly obvious things (right in front of us) if our attention is focused elsewhere.

In an information-rich environment, attention is a scarce and essential resource.

Think how often your focus blinds you to the obvious.

Here are two books written by Professor Wiseman.  The first is called Quirkology, and it is about discoving big truths in small things.  The second is called 59 Seconds, and it is about little things that make big differences.

                  101030 Quirkology Book Cover       and       101030 59 Seconds Book

Here is a link to a short video about 59 Seconds.

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