Sesame Street Parodies the Old Spice Ad with Grover

Short, blue and furry could be the next tall, dark and handsome.

Once again proving it's not just a show for kids, Sesame Street spoofs the wildly popular Old Spice ad.

Grover preaches the importance of smelling like a monster and of using the word "on" correctly in the parody of the "Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa.

Have a look at the spoof, and the commercial that inspired it.

Here is the Sesame Street video.


Here is the original video.


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  1. I’ve already seen a couple of Sesame Street parodies, and my wife and I really love them! They were able to put their distinctive formula into these popular commercials and shows! I wonder what TV commercial will be parodied next. It’s just so popular even here in Toronto!

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