Capitalogix Commentary 01/03/11 - Goodbye 2010

So long 2010.  Here is a quick recap of 2010 from JibJab.


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Here is a Look Back at the "Year-That-Was" from a Market-Perspective.

Despite a shaky start, it was a strong year for the markets. Since July, the bears lacked conviction … and the bulls pushed things higher.


101221 The Year that Was 2010


The 20 Top Charts of 2010 from the Economist

What makes a popular chart? The theme running through the 20 most viewed daily charts published on the Economist's website in 2010 is hard to discern, with charts detailing everything from iPad prices to beer consumption. The most popular, by far, showed the ratio of the salary of a country’s leader to its GDP per person. (On this measure, India’s prime minister is especially poorly rewarded.)

The interactive graphic tree map, below, indicates the relative popularity of the top 20 charts. Such maps are handy for showing a large number of data values that would visually overcomplicate a pie chart. Coloring groups subsets within the data, as in this case, to create a heat map.


So, goodbye to 2010; I look forward to sharing 2011 with you.

Business Posts Moving the Markets that I Found Interesting This Week:

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  • Dr. No's "Yes" to Deficit Plan – Makes Waves. (WSJ)
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  • China Raises Bank Reserves 3rd Time In a Month. (Reuters)
  • 10 Reasons to be Cautious about Markets in 2011. (DavidRosenberg)
  • More Posts Moving the Markets.

Lighter Ideas and Fun Links that I Found Interesting This Week

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