Capitalogix Commentary 02/21/11 - How Are Global Markets Doing This Year?

The rally continues, and the S&P 500 is up about 5% so far this year. Pretty impressive on many fronts.

How does it compare to other markets around the world?  Well, France's CAC and Germany's DAX are up a little more, and London's FTSE a little less … Yet, this chart shows how several of last year's hot world markets have done so far in 2011.

110219 Global Performace YTD

Clearly, the European and U.S. Markets have done better than the BRIC markets and other emerging markets so far this year.

After the crisis, world markets seemed to move in lock-step with each other.  It is interesting to see how Central Bank Policy is de-coupling.  Something to watch.

Business Posts Moving the Markets that I Found Interesting This Week:

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