A Business Book Based On The Story of Passover

Passover is this week, so Jewish people are once again getting ready to teach the story of Exodus to their children.  This happens during the meal featured in DaVinci's Last Supper.

Part of the tradition is to present the information in way tailored to the audience.  For example, the wise child, the wicked child, the simple child and the child unable to ask … each perceive the story and how it relates to them differently.

Coincidently, I just read an interesting book, written by a friend of mine, that weaves the archetypical learners in the Passover Seder into a business fable about communication and persuasion.

110417 ROAR The book talks about how you tailor your message to those four personality types.  For example, a business might look at creating different messages for wise, cynicalsimple and disinterested buyers.

The book's title, "ROAR!", is an acronym for the persuasion model:

  • Recognize the type;
  • Observe from their perspective;
  • Acknowledge who they are;
  • Resolve their need.

The book also provides a strong approach to bringing empathy and differentiation into your value proposition.  This is equally important in an elevator pitch or tough conversation with a stakeholder.

It’s pretty good stuff and something worth thinking about.  You can check out a video and a couple free chapters here.

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