Here a Few Links for Your Reading Enjoyment

News just out that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  Do you think the news will effect markets this week?  Emotion is a powerful driver of markets.

Here are some of the links that caught my eye or attention … hope you find something interesting.

Business Posts Moving the Markets that I Found Interesting This Week:

  • Big Money VC Deals are Back. (GigaOm)
  • Amazon's Web Hosting Problems are Incredibly Bullish for the Cloud. (Pearlman)
  • Does it Matter that S&P Cut its Outlook on US debt? (FT)
  • Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Calls for New Reserve Currency. (CrossingWallStreet)
  • The Fed vs. Other Central Banks – Are Strategies Diverging? (Barrons)
  • More Posts Moving the Markets.

Lighter Ideas and Fun Links that I Found Interesting This Week


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