Does Your Health Depend On the Temperature of Where You Live?

It was over 100 degrees, here in Texas, as my son graduated high school. 


110605 Zach's Graduation 
Our out of town guests weren't buying the "But it's 'dry' heat" line. So, much of the weekend was spent eating and searching for air-conditioning.

Sometimes it is just too hot to trot.

Exercise Frequency Goes Down as the Heat Goes Up.

The Economist recently printed a chart showing that people who live in colder states exercise more than those who live in warm ones.


110605 Exercise Frequency is Heavily Influenced by Temperature 
A recent report by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention declares that only 64% of Americans surveyed can be described as physically active (defined as over 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or half as much vigorous activity). Almost a quarter get no exercise at all outside the workplace.

The report offers a breakdown of exercisers by state. In general, it seems that people who live in cold states like Alaska are more likely to get their weekly work-out than those in sunny Florida.

The biggest outliers from this correlation are Hawaii, where 70% are energetic, and Tennessee, which has the lowest percentage of active people despite a lower average temperature than several other states.

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