Do You Want to See What Fourteen Trillion Dollars Looks Like?

Let's start with One Hundred Dollars.  A stack of them makes Ten Thousand Dollars.


110725 Ten Thousand Dollars 
So far, so good.

Next, let's put One Hundred Million in perspective. 

I don't know about you, but that still seems like a lot of money to me.  Nonetheless, it fits nicely on a military-standard pallet.


110725 One Hundred Million Dollars 

The U.S. Deficit is approaching Fifteen Trillion Dollars.  The image below will help you visualize that.  The scope and scale of that amount of cash is a surprising.


110725 Fifteen Trillion Dollars 
 To see more, click here to go to a site called WTFNOWAY.

And, if you want to see an updated, interactive version of the U.S. Debt Clock, just click the image below.  It is worth spending a little time to watch the pace the numbers turn.


110724 US Debt Clock 


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