The World Economic Collapse Explained in Less than Three Minutes

Can a funny video really explain Europe's economic woes?

It can if it asks how and why broke economies lend money to other broke economies that can't possibly pay them back?

It is an entertaining video.



This would be funnier if it wasn't so true.

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  1. No World economy is not collapsing. Price of Things which have sky rocketed are coming back to revaluation. Such as home price which were sky high only because they were mostly under banks are now getting its most proper price. Things which America sold under brand name with high price tags are now available from cheap labor places like India and China therefore they are getting real value and in all these contexts we can feel as economy of most European and American countries are coming down(getting re-valuated) the world is fearing because they were leading.
    We can say the world is changing from the age of Aquarius/Pieces to a new era.

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