Jim Rogers Says the Fed Is “Ruining an Entire Class of Investors” - Do You Agree?

No matter what you've heard to the contrary, "there is QE3, the Fed is pumping money into the system," says legendary investor Jim Rogers, disregarding most every Federal Reserve statement over the last six months.

In the video, below, Rogers explains his lack of trust for the Federal Reserve and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.




Rogers has been a critic of the Fed's quantitative easing programs and artificially low interest rates, pointing to the latter as something akin to "QE3 in drag".

"They're lying to us," he says of the Fed. "One reason the markets are holding up so well is that they are printing money as fast as they can."

"What the Federal Reserve is doing now is ruining an entire class of investors," says Rogers. By forcing rates down and keeping the economy on a flatline, he believes the Fed could cause another lost generation of investments.

Rogers isn't simply a disgruntled American , he's an investor with a legendary record of success. So, where Rogers is putting his money now?

"I'm long commodities and currencies; I'm short emerging market stocks, U.S. technology stocks, and I'm short European stocks," Rogers discloses. His logic is that he wins if the economy turns up due to commodity scarcity. And if the economy remains weak, Rogers' short positions will more than offset his long positions.

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