As We Enter 2012, We Stand Together at a Financial Crossroad.

As we enter 2012, we stand together at a financial crossroad.

America is the wealthiest nation on earth. Yet, the majority of American Families are failing to manage their own personal finances. More citizens (since the Great Depression) are in debt, default, or financial despair.

120102 The Numbers Tell the Story

Americans overspend. Undersave. Overborrow. Most are undereducated about managing their personal finances. Our future generations will suffer today’s mismanagement. Statistics are alarming. The consequences are grim.

Here is a video that lays-it-out simply and quickly.


Responsible management of our personal finances is the foundation to a healthy national economy. The better our citizens effectively manage their personal savings, expense budgeting and financial planning, the stronger we grow as a culture, and as a country.

Learn more about the Financial Truth campaign, download the PDF.


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