What Kind of Year Are You Expecting? Beware the Siren Song of Simple Stories.

Imagine that a couple has arrived here from another planet, and it is your responsibility to explain the rules of life to these hypothetical aliens.

Like you, they are facing a new year.

Would you tell them to let the news broadcasters, newspaper columnists and the economists determine what kind of a year they would have? Is that what you would tell them?

Or would you explain that they have freedom of thought; that they can think and make whatever plans they choose. Their coming year can be very productive, if that is what they would like it to be and if they are prepared to do what is required to reach their chosen objective.

Admittedly, this is rather ridiculous, as we both know you are not going to be instructing any aliens. But, it is a thought that will get you focused on the positive polarity.

We are facing a new year and we do have freedom of thought. You and I can plan to enjoy tremendous results this year. However, with all the negative energy swirling around the business community, it becomes more important than ever to make those plans. Without such plans you will, most certainly, be swept into the "I can't because …" syndrome, and you don't want that to happen.

Beware of Stories!

On a related note, here's an interesting TedTalk.

Economist Tyler Cowen loves a good story. But he asks us to step away from thinking of our lives — and our messy, irrational world — in terms of simple narrative.




The Moral: Pay Attention to What Is Really Happening and Respond intelligently.

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