Why Did the Clint Eastwood "It's Halftime America" Ad Cause Such a Stir?

Did you see the Clint Eastwood "It's Halftime America" video that ran during halftime of the Super Bowl?

It starts with Clint Eastwood's voice and an image  of a lone man casting a big shadow as he walks down a darkened football stadium corridor.


"It's halftime … Both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half. It's halftime in America, too."



Well, it got noticed … and it's causing a controversy in some circles.

So much so that SNL made fun of the issue in this spoof.




"I don't care if Obama runs the ball, or Romney throws a touchdown, or Ron Paul kicks a field goal with his tiny little chicken legs," Hader-as-Eastwood warns. "I tell you right now, though, I ain't puttin' Santorum in the game. He can stand on the sideline doin' cheers in his little sweater vest."


Sometimes it seems that we become so focused on pointing fingers and finding fault that we forget our real purpose.

To paraphrase Freud, sometimes an ad is just an ad. 

And in this case, it could simply be an inspiring ad paid for by Chrysler (perhaps to say " we faced some hard times, but showed resiliancy and resolve … and the best is yet to come.")

On a related note, check-out Bob Buford's book, Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance. It is about making the second half of your life better than the first.

Buford reminds that in order to have a better second half, you must first figure-out what you

In Halftime, Buford focuses on 'transition'—the time when, he says, a person moves beyond the first half of the game of life. It's a time of revitalization and for catching a new vision for living the second half, the half where life can be lived at its most rewarding. Halftime doesn't have to be a time of crisis. It can be a catalyst for purpose, impact, and growth. It can be about setting a new course away from mere success to true significance—and something better.

This message applies to the market and our economy as well.  What if we are half-way there?  What do you really want?  Where are you committed to go?  What adjustments are needed?  What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of?  What do you need to start doing?

It's half-time, and the best is yet to come.


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