A Little Monday Morning Motivation

I spent part of last week at the Inc. Magazine GROWCO Conference.

If you're not still learning … your dying.  So, consider continuing education part of your perpetual youth plan.

Plus, there are plenty worse places to be then New Orleans

With that said, I know I'm getting older because after walking through the French Quarter – the part of me I most wanted rubbed were my feet. (I wish I was joking).

The first speaker was the Mayor of New Orleans.  He explained that one of the key decisions they made after Katrina wasn't to re-build the city … instead, it was to build the city they always wanted New Orleans to be.

Bill Clinton was there, too.  He was articulate, charismatic and clever. But the star of the show (based on audience response and the rush of people to get his autograph) was Daymond John (of FUBU and Shark Tank fame).




Daymond talked about his five Shark Rules:  1. Set Goals; 2. Do your Homework; 3. Always do what you love; 4. Remember you are the brand; and 5. Keep moving.

He stressed that the secret to power is to be decisive.

He also shared that the money they invest on the Shark Tank show really comes from each of them; however, only about 20% of the deals actually get to a closing. 

Daymond said that he invests in people, not companies.  Moreover, he claims that each of Sharks know who they will invest in within the first minute of the presentation (and he suspects that is how most business-people make decisions).  Interesting.


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