The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Tony Robbins

Markets posted the biggest weekly drop of 2012, as investors weighed steady domestic-labor and jobs market data amid a backdrop of on-going concerns about Europe's economy.
Short term, traders may be asking whether the stock market can sustain its gains, or are investors facing a pullback?  But, longer-term, there are bigger issues deserving focus and attention.
Here is a video from a source many may find unlikely to intelligently deconstruct the National Debt and Federal Budget.

Nonetheless, watch as Tony Robbins discusses the $15 trillion U.S. national debt and what can we do about the enormous growing federal budget deficit?
It is worth a few few minutes … he is very good at simplifying things and telling stories.


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  1. Talking about national debt is not only the matter for U.S. but all countries are under some debt. Now the situation is arising that investors pulling their hands back which in turn is occurring to be more of the worst situation, if do not take care off.

  2. Debt is a serious problem or the world. The national debt is becoming more powerful; however Mr. Obama is making so many efforts to control this problem. The total debt figure is 15 TRILLION dollars.

  3. Well it all how you plan the budgetary and expel it to get the maximum output. It all goes as we plan our financial budget, the expenses should be curtail whereas should be looking forward for more of investment and getting the debt cleared.

  4. The fact about student loan is that it’s on the final stage of bubble bursting and has left every debt back holding the number one position. It’s like a big mountain in front of the students either to look the debt or their future, is becoming quite fussy. Well Government should come forward and take the problem seriously as it’s destroying the future of the country.

  5. The National debt that has been increased unaccountability is all the misconception from the connoisseurs which have prolonged the thing and have certainly not managed the finance smartly. And above that Government also didn’t posed any measures seeing that the national debt is been hiked so unnaturally and what’s going to be the after effects. Now every single answerable person is pulling their hands back pointing towards each other for prolonging the things.

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