Listen In As Michael Covel and Howard Getson Discuss Trading Strategies

Michael Covel is the President and His first book was "Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets". His second book "The Complete TurtleTrader" is the only narrative account of trader Richard Dennis and his student traders nicknamed the 'Turtles'.  His newest books are "Trend Commandments" and "The Little Book of Trading".  Covel's first film documentary is "Broke: The New American Dream".

In addition, he has been talking with great traders and thought leaders about a wide range of topics.  I'm honored that he chose to talk with me last week.  Here is a link to the Interview.


120818 HMG and Michael Covel - More Ways to Win


Our interview was fun and fast-paced.

We talk about the business of systematically finding edges through all sorts of different approaches – not only trend following. I like to think of it as finding more ways to win.

And we talk about a broader range of topics as well.  For example, we discuss the "E-gene", and how entrepreneurism is at the core of what we practice.

Other topics include:

  • how hunches can be dangerous;
  • turning your hobby into your business;
  • recognizing patterns;
  • thinking big;
  • the "three levels of mastery" – cognitive, emotional, and physical;
  • how minimum standards can define your life;
  • how systematic trading can define your minimum standards; and
  • controlling emotions through automation.

We also discuss the importance of the world outside America, and which area both of us agree is important to keep an eye on.

There is a lot of good stuff in the interview.  Hope you enjoy it.

Here is my review of Trend Following and the post I did on Trend Commandments.

See the list of all Covel's Trend Following Manifesto Podcasts in iTunes and here for a more complete description of each recording.  Check it out; he has produced a bunch of terrific interviews that are worth listening to because of their educational content, and because they will make you think.

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