Putting One Foot In Front of the Other

130129-3-Inches-of-ExcitementWhether you think you can … or you think you can't … you're right.
        ~ Henry Ford


Slack-Lining is kind of like tight-rope walking (except the line isn't as taut … so it moves and bounces around).  The image to the right is of me trying it less than six inches off the ground.

It was harder than you might guess … Perhaps fear of falling contributed to the heart racing and muscle tension that went along with it.

Josh Beaudoin (the guy trying to steady me) claims that slack-lining is not an adrenaline sport.  It is about being composed in the moment.  It is about finding the confidence to face your fear and the power to manage your emotions.

Listen to some wisdom as you watch an awesome video by Josh. It was shot in Rock Canyon near Provo, UT. 



Imagine the experience of being up there … and what we do down here doesn’t seem risky.

To see something else a little crazy.  Check out this link about Fire-Walking.

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