A View From the Top - The Dow Makes New Highs

130309-Dow-Reaches-Record-High-250pThe Dow Made New Highs! 

Wait, you don't care … neither do a lot people.

Why?  Pick your poison:
1. Distribution days are piling up.
2. Short-term volatility and correlation are picking up.
3. Dividend-paying, defensive stocks (consumer staples) are leading the market.
4. The deterioration among momentum stocks as a group has accelerated. 5. Momentum divergences are showing up in charts. 6. Or, perhaps, it is because Central Banks are propping things up.

Regardless, things have been moving higher … and that is the market you have to trade.

Hold on; that isn't true.  While there have been lots of headlines about the Equity Markets, that hasn't been the whole story this year.  There are lots of other markets to trade.

The chart shows the top-ten performing markets, ranked by weekly performance, for the past few months. The data is color coded based on sector. The first column posts the current week's open performance followed by six columns of the most recent weekly market performance.


130309 Weekly Market Performance Comparison
120724 Yearly Performance Key

Click this link to view monthly, quarterly, and yearly views of this data.

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