The Countdown of Life - How What You Do Adds Up Over Time

Are you happy how you spend your day?

Do you ever think about how most people choose to spend their time?  

As you might guess, average Americans spend 8 hours at work, maybe half an hour in traffic, a few hours watching TV in the evening.

But what if you looked at it another way – what if you added up all those hours over the course of your whole life? The following infographic shows the tally.


130202 Countdown of Life 


That half an hour in traffic adds up to over a year of your life. And those innocent hours of TV? They add up to 9 years for the average American.

"It's not the years in your life that count … It's the life in your years."  ~ Abraham Lincoln

Are you giving time to the things you really care about?

  1. I like the infographs so much as coz i think one can explain things better by using infographs with the content.Nice one.

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