So Many Bulls ... So Little Volume

The Bulls were out in force last week at the Market Technician's Association Conference in New York.

Sure they questioned what caused the rally (or who was propping-up price); but the message was clear … you have to trade the market, as it is, rather than your opinion or fears.

Maria Bartiromo moderated a panel, which included Ralph Acampora, that reiterated the bullish theme.


130411 Maria and HMG

As you might guess, it was easy to see that the room of mostly middle-aged men was excited to spend some time with her.

While that wasn't surprising, there was a lot of talk about much higher time frames than I am used to looking at for trading guidance.

In addition, I feel compelled to admit that I'm somewhat skeptical about how long Wall Street stays bullish.  But, we'll see …

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