Unlocking the Next Level of Performance

Confidence fuels lots of progress.  It is a catalyst to recognizing a bigger future.  But it isn't the only way to get there.

Challenge and struggle often precede break-through performances.

 Let's hope so …



Imagine sitting in the Oval Office and reading this headline:
"Only 6 People Enrolled on Health Site's First Day – And just 248 were enrolled by second day."

If 'rough seas make skillful sailors,' our current administration should be getting better all the time.

Recently, I heard a story that caught my attention.

A congregant was chosen to perform a key ritual during an important religious service. That person was counseled and prepared on what to think, how to comport themselves, and what to say during their time in front of the audience.

When their 'spotlight moment' came, this person went blank – they forgot everything they were supposed to think, do, or say. Panic set in … they were scared and desperate.

Nonetheless, it was their time — and all eyes were upon them. So, they gathered up their courage and they did their best.

Afterwards, still feeling bad about all the things they forgot, what they didn't do, and what might've been … person after person told them how well they did. Feeling guilty, they went to their spiritual leader to confess that, even though it seemed to go okay, it had not gone the way they were instructed.

The spiritual leader laughed and smiled, "each of the instructions you were given was like a key to a door or a gate, but the feeling of desire and longing that stemmed from your broken heart and the need to do better is a master key that opens all doors."

This same message plays itself out in so many levels and so many disciplines. In sales, and undisturbed prospect doesn't buy. In personal development, people don't change if they are happy with the way things are. In trading, risk control, diversification, and better money management often stem from big losses.

The master key to meaningful change, however, is ultimately internal.  It happens when we are shaken out of our 'rut' … and view things from a new perspective.

In many respects, it doesn't matter what happens; what matters is what you do. 

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