What Happens After the Easy Wins are Gone?

We got a new puppy from an animal rescue service this week. 



I had forgotten how fast they learn (and how much they had to learn).

Once you get over that the initial learning curve of something new, progress is often quick and easy. There are often a lot of obvious things to do to get better.

However, there comes a point where the easy progress has been realized and the choices start to get harder (or at least less obvious).

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest things for people to deal with is not knowing whether they can do better. It plays on our fundamental fears about not being enough.

It is easy to train a dog as long as they get a treat. This is called a 'conditioned response'. But most of us are not aware of how much of our current behavior is a conditioned response based on the strategies, tactics, and viewpoints of our past.

Yet, the things that got us 'here' are simply the things that get you to here (and a new set of strategies tactics and techniques is what's needed to get something better than 'here').

That means sometimes 'more' and 'faster' have to give way to something 'different' or better'.

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