What's The Biggest Business In Your State?

Obviously, business effects the economy of states. But, as the Washington Post notes,  businesses are not created equally – bigger businesses naturally have outsized influence, generating more revenue, paying more taxes and employing more people.

The following chart shows the largest company, by revenue, in each state.  Some of these seem like easy guesses.  For example: GM in Michigan, ExxonMobil in Texas, Berkshire Hathaway in  Nebraska, Nike in Oregon, Walmart in Arkansas, and FedEx in Tennesse.

140703 Largest-Company-By-Rev-In-Each-State-2014

via Washington Post.

But some of the others were surprising.  For  example, in Washington (home of Microsoft and Amazon), it is CostCo. Equally surprising, to me, was Verizon in New York, and Chevron in California.

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