Surviving Our HealthCare System

I'm very thankful for the quality of our medical care and the state of medical technology.

Many news cycles talk about ObamaCare and how our medical system is broken. However, I had surgery last week, I was impressed with the process and the outcome.

I'm still a baby, after all these years. I didn't want to get surgery.




I put it off as long as I could.  I don't like needles … and I didn't like the idea of diminished capabilities, potential loss of strength or feeling (or dozens of other excuses).

I had something called a "trigger finger". What that means is that if I shut my hand, my left index finger wouldn't reopen. It was painful and inconvenient.

For what it is worth, I remember some distant uncle who had a finger like that when I was young.  I remember, because when I would shake hands with him, one of his fingers was tickling my palm … It felt like a secret handshake.

Fixing it was easier than I expected; I was at the hospital, for the actual surgery, for less time than it would take to see a movie.

On one hand, it was relatively minor surgery. On the other hand, see for yourself.




Pretty cool, actually. I'm already using the hand to open doors, hold my phone, and wash my hair.

As bad as things may be regarding the state of our healthcare system, it is still pretty awesome. Kind of like Democracy. Perhaps it sucks a little; but it is still a good bet to beat the alternatives.

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